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If you want this network to be a reality for the millions of us in the United States and around the world who are caregivers of special-needs children, please take action now, by doing the following three things:

If one million caregivers do these things ASAP, we will have reached our initial goal and will begin using that leverage to negotiate better pricing from corporations trying to sell us their products (e.g., life insurance, health insurance, medications)—and build out the initial services on the network for our members' benefit. And we'll more than likely be welcomed at the White House and able to present to Congress the top 10 issues we want addressed! It's simple and straight forward. Be a founding member of this movement to get support and respite for caregivers of special-needs children!

Share this web page with every parent, friend, extended family member, church member and co-worker caring for a special-needs child. We must unite and help one another through our shared experiences and through the leverage we will have once we've banded together as one unified voice. Imagine the power of one unified voice!

Who is caring for the caregiver?

comes a community voice that must be heard.
1 in 5 families in our country are caring for
a child with special-needs.
That's over 35-million people. And who is caring for the caregiver? Become part of the power and nationwide influence of one million parents and caregivers of special-needs children of any diagnosis - cognitive or physical - helping one another, and saving ourselves money as we band together.