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Angel Child Song
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by RFM Founder, and parent
of a special-needs child,
Michael A. Boylan
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Angel Child
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"Angel Child" Music Video

Angel Child Video Download the music video “Angel Child”—recorded in Minneapolis and Los Angeles with full orchestra, choir and hundreds of special-needs children and their parents.

When you become a member of The Reach for Me Network you will receive a link to download the music video for free. It is our gift to you for joining the network.

Written by the founder of Reach For Me as a way to honor, recognize and pay tribute to the millions of parents of special-needs children in this country and around the world, the song and music video offer a glimpse into “a day in the life” of caregivers of special-needs children. By initiating a dialogue between employer organizations, state and federal governments and society at large, we can foster more empathy, respect and a deeper understanding among those who don’t have special-needs children. This, in turn, helps caregivers better manage the continuous ups and downs of serving their special-needs children, creating a positive impact for all who are involved.

Considered the “We Are The World” of our time, “Angel Child” is an honest and inspirational soundtrack of a caregiver’s life; a conversation about the innermost thoughts and feelings between parents, their maker and their special-needs children. A song revealing the stress, anxiety, doubt, energy and focus required, and the peace to be experienced and celebrated in serving our special-needs children and all they teach us about life.

Angel Child Song and Video
"Connor, my angel child, and my inspiration for the song"
Michael A. Boylan