Caregiver Weekend Summit
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Caregiver Weekend Summit Program
Respite, Support and Friendship

When was the last time you had a genuine break from your special-needs child for more than 30 minutes? Time where you could think, relax and reflect upon what you’ve endured and what might be ahead? Time to connect with your spouse or significant other? Or, if you’re a single caregiver, the opportunity to connect with other single caregivers?

With the continuous challenges caregivers face throughout their lives, it’s easy to understand why they need time away every year to take care of themselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Time to protect, restore or strengthen their marriage and significant relationships so they don’t fall apart, causing even more strain on the family.

A Caregiver Weekend Summit is an investment in your marriage and/or family relationships, helping keep things together––maybe even thriving, so you can you move forward with a renewed perspective on the life you’ve been called to. It’s easy to convince yourself that you can’t take any time away from your children to focus on yourself or your relationship with your significant other. However, the consequences of not doing it can be dire for you and your family.

It’s essential to your mental and emotional health to make time to unwind, get grounded, find respite, friendship, community and inspiration from other caregivers experiencing similar lifelong journeys. What better place than at a Caregiver Weekend Summit in the Rocky Mountains of the Vail/Beaver Creek Valley in Colorado? You will meet other caregivers who may become lifelong friends, supporting your journey as a caregiver.

A Caregiver Weekend Summit can be life changing, helping caregivers rest, reflect and reconnect with their significant other. It allows them to engage in heartfelt and honest discussions and a content-rich program/process led by RFM-certified facilitators. It is a chance to recommit to the life of caregiving with a renewed outlook and empowered sense of purpose.

Recharge your batteries every year and return home with a newfound energy and approach to handling the daily routine. You’ll be better able to meet the continuous challenges we all face as caregivers of our special-needs children. All caregivers need time to rest, reflect, refocus and find strength so they can be of sound mind and body. In this program, you’ll hear and share stories and experiences with other caregivers, with whom you may build lifelong friendships.

Caregiver Weekend Summit