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Enterprise Memberships
For caregivers within your organization

How is your organization supporting those in your company who are caring for a special-needs child? If you don’t know, be one of the first 15 Fortune 500 organizations to purchase an enterprise membership for employee caregivers within your organization for a two-year period and watch their loyalty and productivity rise, benefiting the entire company. Learn more about this offer, limited to three firms per industry sector.

As research estimates that one in five families in the u.s. is caring for a special-needs child, employee-caregivers can make up 10-20 percent of an organization’s total employee population. Getting employee-caregivers into the network benefits organizations financially by reducing costs around absenteeism, turnover, claims and insurance premiums. The support you show them increases performance, loyalty and a sense of empowerment because the company is reaching out to help. Consider RFM as preventative medicine in line with your health and wellness initiatives. The financial consequences of not supporting employee-caregivers can be quite significant. One caregiver on-the-job meltdown event can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can be minimized by purchasing an enterprise membership.

There is a genuine social responsibility companies share in making sure employee-caregivers get the support they need to continue moving forward. The financial and humanitarian value is undeniably clear, providing a win-win approach for employee-caregivers, employers and the communities in which they conduct business. Enterprise memberships provide a public relations vehicle that resonates with client constituencies because of the scope of the issue, sending a clear message that your organization clearly cares about your employee-caregivers. Fees for enterprise membership are based on the number of employees, annual revenues, and level of membership desired.

Enterprise Memberships
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