Connor Principles Family Home Study Program
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The Connor Principles Family Home Study Program

The Connor Principles Family Home Study ProgramPurchase the “The Connor Principles Family Home Study Program”.

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For those unable to attend a Caregiver Weekend Summit, this program offers another option for parents, family members and others involved in the caregiving: immediate help and perspective. The Home Study Program provides a set of principles and a process that can help reduce the stress, anxiety, doubt and tension, providing the basis for a deeper understanding and more comfort for parents and the family along their journey. It's a program of growth; introspection and healing designed to help the family communicate better as they care for a special-needs child.

The program is designed for self-facilitation by the primary caregiver(s) for the entire family to learn from and use moving forward. This program is offered as an effective alternative for caregivers who might not be able to get away or attend the weekend summit at one of the host locations throughout the country.

Facilitation Assistance: For parents that want some coaching in the delivery of this program prior to taking their family through it, RFM offers Certified Facilitation Assistance, a one-day session that will empower you to facilitate this impact-rich program of introspection, reflection and discussion for your own family.

Facilitation Assistance Rates: One Full Day of Facilitation Assistance, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. $395.00/caregiver. Excludes travel, hotel, and meal expense)

We suggest you also purchase a Home Study Program for friends or co-workers who are caregivers, perhaps even walking through the program with them!

Connor Principles Family Home Study Program