Master Licenses - Network Expansion
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Master Licenses—Network Expansion

If you are a caregiver of a special-needs child with a genuine passion to help others, the financial ability to start a sideline or full-time business, and the business and facilitation skills and experience to deliver this impact-rich, life-changing program to parents and related caregivers of special-needs children in your geographic area, you may be a candidate for The Reach For Me Master Licensee Program. To learn more about how you can bring this powerfully effective Caregiver Weekend Summit Program to churches, communities and corporations in your area, schedule a conference call today with RFM leadership today.

With a vision of three to five Master Licensees in every state (more in largest states), RFM wants to bring this program to caregivers to help them live with less stress, anxiety, worry and doubt, and to create a deeper sense of understanding and empowerment. Schedule a conference call with RFM leadership to learn more about this opportunity to share your caregiver story, and teach others a process that will improve their families’ lives.

Master Licensee Incentive to the first 15 who register

Reach For Me leadership has elected to discount by a significant margin the Master Licensing Fee for the initial 15 Licensees that meet the necessary requirements to be effective and successful long-term in this heartfelt initiative. In addition to helping caregivers, a Master License can provide a respectable additional annual income for the Licensee.

Master Licenses - Network Expansion
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