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Angel Child Song
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by RFM Founder, and parent
of a special-needs child,
Michael A. Boylan
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Angel Child
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Author Bio

Michael A. Boylan is the best-selling author of three business books published by the largest publishers in the world, with his fourth book perhaps most impactful to date, as it is about how his life changed radically upon the birth of his special-needs son. Written for the millions of parents and families of special-needs children in the U.S. and around the world, it is a genuine, heartfelt, beautiful story by a single father and caregiver about the life lessons he has been taught by his cognitively challenged son, and how they can positively impact your life, your family, and your work. It is a touching true story, which also offers caregivers a step-by-step process they can use to gain more peace, understanding, perspective, and a process to manage the hills-and-valleys of caring for a special-needs child or children.

Reach For Me, The Story of My Son Connor is being compared to two immensely successful books; 1) The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People because of the step-by-step process it offers caregivers, and 2) The Purpose Driven Life because of the genuine insight, the discussion questions after each of the ten Connor Principle’s that will help caregivers work through real-life issues and challenges related to caregiving, and a process to help caregivers cope and make it through along their caregiver journey, empowering them to move forward over a lifetime of caregiving.

Michael is a nationally recognized keynote speaker and developer of productivity enhancing programs used by numerous Fortune 500 corporations nationwide/internationally. He has a 20-year track record in the development of best-in-class, step-by-step, productivity enhancing processes which Fortune 500 organizations have embraced, licensed, and adopted for their own employees use because his content and programs have produced measureable results for employees and employer organizations.

He has appeared on CNN, CNN-FN, Bloomberg Financial, ABC News, Fox & Friends, and many other network television interviews, is regarded as a nationwide through-leader and subject matter expert, and has been awarded one of the highest-rated general session keynote speakers Microsoft Corporation has ever hired to address over 6,000 attendees at its largest global event; World Fusion.

Because of his experience as a single father of a special-needs child, best-selling author, nationally recognized keynote speaker, and developer of best-in-class productivity enhancing programs that help employees and large employer organizations perform better—he has founded The Reach For Me Network with the goal of becoming the first social network to serve the estimated 35 million parents and families of special-needs children of any diagnosis (cognitive and/or physical) yet to be aggregated into one powerful community of respect, support, recognition and information sharing.

In time—future books and programs from Mr. Boylan will address the 40+ million caregivers of loved ones in the U.S. Michael resides in Minneapolis Minnesota and Colorado.

Author Bio