Life of a Caregiver
Angel Child Song
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by RFM Founder, and parent
of a special-needs child,
Michael A. Boylan
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Angel Child
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Life of a Caregiver of a Special-Needs Child

Parents of special-needs children can experience a never-ending chain of emotional, spiritual, psychological and financial challenges that can gnaw at their very fabric as people. The stress, worry and anxiety can at times, overwhelm any caregiver, regardless of their socio-economic background or diagnosis of their child/children.

Whether you've been a caregiver for months or 20-plus years, offering caregivers of children with special needs a safe place to share challenges, experiences, stories, the highs-and-lows, helpful information, find community, friendship and emotional support is what The Reach For Me Network is about. An environment of empathy from others dealing with similar struggles, anxieties, and inspirations, helping one another find comfort, being up-lifted with a new sense of purpose, better prepared to meet whatever is ahead knowing you are not alone. A sanctuary of empathy and trust where you can share with other caregivers as you wish.

Life of a Caregiver