Make it a Reality
Angel Child Song
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by RFM Founder, and parent
of a special-needs child,
Michael A. Boylan
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Angel Child
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Make RFM a Reality—Caring for the Caregiver

Reach For Me is a network dedicated to serving caregivers of special-needs children of any diagnosis––cognitive and/or physical. In order to build out the initial group of services so that caregivers can benefit from these planned services, we must make this network a reality! To make it a reality, we must band together to achieve the following initial goals:

  1. One million caregivers joining the network and downloading the “Angel Child” anthem for free
  2. At least 250,000 caregivers downloading the “Angel Child Music Video” for free
  3. At least 100,000 caregivers purchasing “The Making of Angel Child” 60-minute DVD for $27.95

If the above goals are met, the network will have the partial funding necessary to begin development and build-out of the initial group of planned services for parents and related caregivers of special-needs children.

Make it a Reality