Mission and Purpose
Angel Child Song
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by RFM Founder, and parent
of a special-needs child,
Michael A. Boylan
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Angel Child
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Mission & Purpose

Founded by the single father of a special-needs child, Reach For Me exists for three reasons; to:

1. Provide a community of emotional support, respite, encouragement, friendship and inspiration for like-minded people who share a common bond––parents and related caregivers of special-needs children with diabetes, autism, Asperger’s, ADHD, epilepsy, Down syndrome, or any other cognitive or physical diagnosis. The goal is to provide a forum of hope, empathy and information sharing via the network. Down the road, we also plan to offer support group meetings facilitated by RFM-certified facilitators in local communities nationwide.

The result is that caregivers feel understood, acknowledged, appreciated and recognized for their unending service, finding continued motivation to move forward day after day. Caring For The Caregiver, so they take better care of themselves mentally and emotionally, reducing stress, anxiety and doubt, gaining a renewed outlook and sense of purpose, while remaining productive and focused.

2. Help caregivers save significant money every year by aggregating caregivers into one powerful group, gaining leverage and using that leverage to secure better pricing on products/services we need, such as life insurance, financial services, trust/estate planning, legal services and everyday items. The goal is to help caregivers have less stress and anxiety, and more money, thanks to the savings enjoyed through the unified power of membership in the network.

3. Advocate for caregivers. The business world responds to organizations possessing power, momentum and leverage to drive/force change. By rallying millions of parents of special-needs children of all diagnoses, the network becomes a force to drive positive change in what we pay for things, such as health insurance, prescription drugs, life insurance, legal services, additional levels of special education, therapies and care for our children. Providing advocacy for our members, creating the necessary leverage, influence and power that will facilitate benefits for all.

Mission and Purpose
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