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by RFM Founder, and parent
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Reach For Me Book

Reach For Me Book An inspirational, empowering, transformational true story in a new book from best-selling author and single father of a special-needs child about his own story, and the step-by-step process and nationwide support network being created for the 35+ million parents and related family caregivers of special-needs children in the U.S. to improve their and their families health and well-being moving forward.

A book written for the 35 million caregivers and families of special-needs children in this country, designed to help caregivers:

  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety, Increase Peace & Harmony Among Caregivers and Their Families
  • Provide Recognition, Inspiration, Hope, and a Renewed Outlook Moving Forward
  • Provide a Step-by-Step Process and Road Map to Better and More Proactively Manage the Hills & Valleys of Caregiving
  • Help Improve Caregiver Focus and Productivity on the Job

Testimonial about Reach For Me Book

“When we got the news about our twin sons’ diagnosis of autism—I have to say—I was in a fog. More like total denial. I cried for days, maybe weeks—I can’t remember now. They were our first little ones, so the news was overwhelming to us, and we were not prepared. How can you be? We had all these dreams, and things we were planning on doing. I didn’t know how to be, let alone cope. My husband and I were like two zombies for a while, trying to digest the news and figure out what to do—for our boys, and for ourselves as a family. Goes to show you, in one sense, we are not in control, and have to learn to be thankful for what we’ve been given, which is very hard sometimes. But I’m not at the point of being grateful. That’s a bit much for right now.

We struggle, probably like many caregivers of special-needs children do, to keep a positive attitude with all we must now deal with in the support and care of our sons. The Connor Principles Step-by-Step Process helps us better handle the tough stuff and frequent challenges with a sense of calm, reminding us that we’re not alone, that we can make it through, and that we will. They’ve been, and still are, a consistent reminder of what we’ve been given and the opportunity we have to help others along the journey.

The book was given to me, and I could not put it down. Reach For Me, The Story of My Son Connor is one of those books I will re-read many times––marking it up with my highlighter, because of the power and honesty of the story, the issues we all must deal with, the touching stories that remind us of our own stories, and a process in The Connor Principles that truly helps, day after day, to take the edge off and find a new-found sense of purpose. Every caregiver will find warmth, respect, empathy, a deeper sense of calm, and some real-life caregiver humor in this true story, designed to up-lift us all.”

—Darla Billingsly*, mother of twin boys on the autism spectrum

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About The Book

The long anticipated fourth book from best-selling author Michael A. Boylan entitled Reach For Me, The Story of My Son Connor is an inspirational true story of how his life changed abruptly upon the news of his son’s diagnosis of William’s Syndrome, leading to the collapse of his marriage and family, the loss of his home, his business, and life as he knew it—and the healing principles which are woven in the book into a step-by-step process called The Connor Principles designed to help caregivers address and more effectively deal with all that comes at them over a life-time of caregiving.

The process revealed in the book can help caregivers find a renewed sense of purpose in their daily routine, helping them move forward with a newfound energy and inspiration. It is a powerful story of honesty, hope, determination, letting go, and finding a deeper level of faith that all will be well. And that caregivers indeed have a special calling and a need to be embraced by the communities around them.

As Dr. Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits from the acclaimed international best-selling book and training program The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People have positively impacted the lives of millions of people, helping them accomplish more of their dreams, goals and aspirations, The Connor Principles Step-by-Step Process is destined to be just as beneficial for the millions of parents and related caregivers of special-needs children throughout the U. S. and around the world.

The Connor Principles are basic, timeless, forthright principles woven into a step-by-step process and road map designed to address the sometimes intense range of emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual, relationship, family, and financial challenges that are part of any caregiver’s life from the moment they first learn of their child’s diagnosis. They are designed to help calm and center caregivers, helping them cope, reduce the stress, anxiety and doubt that often accompany the role of any caregiver, helping them and their families gain perspective, and discover a newfound hope and energy to power them through the sometimes intensely challenging hills-and-valleys to move forward with a renewed outlook and sense of purpose. These principles provide a road map for every caregiver and family to find their wings everyday as they move forward on their journey as a caregiver of a child or children with special needs.

Reach For Me, The Story of My Son Connor is also being compared to the internationally acclaimed best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren because of it’s ability to generate discussion groups amongst all caregivers wishing to discuss various real-world challenges they face under the guise of The Connor Principles Process with other caregivers and their families.

After Michael’s moving caregiver story is shared in the book, The Connor Principles are introduced with a touching story behind each one, inviting the reader to reflect upon their own journey as a caregiver around each of the principles and how they are doing with each one. Each principle is summarized with The Personal Reflection Section where questions are posed around each principle, inviting caregivers to reflect upon and discuss with their spouse, significant other, immediate and extended family and friends (who may also be involved in the caregiving), the questions at the end of each principle.

These real-life discussions fostered from the book serve to help caregivers more effectively and proactively deal with their real-world challenges in a more positive framework, fostering a deeper understanding, perspective, and healing, helping them move forward with a newfound level of grace and energy. The summary questions and real-life exercises after each of the ten Connor Principles will ignite discussion groups among caregivers in communities throughout the country and around the world designed to help comfort us all along our caregiver journey.

Reach for Me Book
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