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Executive Overview for Large Employers & Health Plans

—What We Do—For Whom—Unique & Authentic Approach to Engaging Caregivers

The Reach For Me Network is in the business of providing caregivers of special-needs children and caregivers of loved ones, their employer organizations and health plans with a repeatable step-by-step process and road map via an in-depth understanding and experience around the needs of caregivers. Our build-to-suit solutions are designed to help them help themselves, empowering them to feel better about their own lives as caregivers—improving focus and productivity on the job while reducing absenteeism, depression, utilization of medical benefits, therapy/counseling services, medications, and cost of care for this 20% of any large employer’s total employee population and 20% of any health plans membership base.

A preventative, comprehensive approach tailored around the needs of employer organizations and focused on this ever-increasing issue of concern for all large employers, healthcare plans, state agencies, and K-12 school districts nationwide. —A win-win for employee caregivers, employer organizations, health plans, state agencies and the communities in which the employers conduct business.

Developed over several years by best-selling author and nationally known Fortune 500 keynote speaker Michael A. Boylan, single father of a special-needs child and founder of The Reach For Me Network, the step-by-step process and program has been modeled (in part) after the internationally successful Fortune 500 adopted “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” program from The FranklinCovey Organization.

Financial Outcomes Delivered

The programs provide caregivers of special-needs children of any diagnosis—cognitive and/or physical—and caregivers of loved ones, with a credible and authentic step-by-step process and road map to help them more proactively manage the frequent stress, anxiety, depression and hills and valleys related to caring for their special-needs children and loved ones. Hence, they provide financial benefit to their large employers, health plans, state agencies, hospital networks and other organizations involved in supporting caregivers such as K-12 school districts nationwide.

Improving the overall health and well-being of employee caregivers (mental/emotional/physical/financial health), helps reduce absenteeism, stress, anxiety, depression and on-the-job meltdowns associated with the demands of caregiving. This drives the reductions in the utilization of their medical benefits, therapies, various medications, ER visits, hospital readmissions, cost of care and legal exposure, saving employers and health plans tens of millions every year based on the number of employee caregivers in the program, improving caregiver focus and productivity on the job. The program also helps organizations mitigate caregiver meltdowns while on the job, which can lead to significant legal exposures for the organization.

Programs are designed to serve as an effective “sifter” of sorts, helping employers engage and locate the 10% to 25% of the caregiver population struggling the most (and where the highest costs of care tend to be), getting them advanced levels of the program, mitigating more high-cost treatment alternatives for this segment of the caregiver population.

A leading-edge, authentic and credible step-by-step process for engaging the caregivers of special-needs children and the caregivers of loved ones that are employed and insured in every community nationwide/internationally in which you do business.

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Arrange a initial conference call with an RFM Team Executive who can answer questions and discuss the options that make the most sense for employee caregivers in your organization, that mesh with the goals and objectives of the senior leadership of the company.

An in-person presentation can be arranged if a Vice President or two are part of the meeting, whereby, our solutions can be presented. Once we understand the objectives of the organization, we engage in a small consulting initiative whereby our solutions are tailored for deployment in a myriad of ways around the needs and goals of each organization to engage and help every employee caregiver.

Please contact us today to arrange the initial conference call to learn more.

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